New VBS Curriculum for 2024: The Name of Jesus

From Issue: R&R – Issue 44 #2

Never in the history of the United States have so many people been so confused and misled about Jesus. Some claim He never lived. Many believe He never rose from the dead. And more than 60% of Americans now either claim Jesus was not God or are unsure about His nature.

Children in an increasingly disbelieving world want to know (and desperately need to know) why they should believe in Jesus. The billions of non-Christians in the world (including friends, classmates, and neighbors whom we have an opportunity to invite to VBS) have every right to ask, even challenge, Christians as to why we believe in Jesus and why we have an expectation of heaven, a hope anchored in Christ.

Though Peter said to Christians, “be ready to give a defense (or answer) to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15), many of us—many Christians—have not always done very well at providing reasons for why Jesus is our hope. Sometimes, Christians give no answers. Occasionally, we provide illogical answers. And sometimes our answers may be so complex that others rightly wonder, “What in the world did they just say?”

Every honest-hearted person should have an opportunity to hear the reasons for being Christians—to learn about the Redeemer of the human race. And Jesus’ Church should be delighted to be used by God and spare no expense or energy to do our part to ensure this sharing of Jesus happens.

In AP’s fourth VBS curriculum, Jeremy Pate (our talented Youth Publications Coordinator) has done a masterful job in developing a VBS all about Jesus that is beautifully simple and yet profound. In The Name of Jesus, teachers will have an opportunity to change lives and ground students of all ages with the most fundamental and important truths the world has ever heard. Five names. Five lessons. Jesus (1) the Messiah; (2) the Nazarene; (3) the Lord; (4) the Almighty; and (5) the Savior.

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