New Tracts for Adults

From Issue: R&R Volume 29 #5

Over the years, as the work at Apologetics Press has grown, we have striven to introduce products that could be used to present Bible teaching in a wide variety of instructional settings. Few of our products have proven to be as popular a teaching tool as the Apologetics Press Tract Series. The tremendous value of Bible tracts has been demonstrated repeatedly through the years. Tracts offer the average person an opportunity to grasp the truth of a basic Bible doctrine quickly and easily. A.P. has specialized in providing people with assistance on specific topics that fall within the purview of Christian apologetics and Christian evidences. Consider the recent remark of a preacher from Andalusia, Alabama:

I appreciate very much the materials that A.P. continues to produce and publish. Three years ago, I began studying with a young woman…. She was as close to an agnostic as I have ever experienced personally. She had been swayed by the many multi-million-dollar programs that media uses to promote evolution and attack the Bible. I used A.P.’s tracts to dismantle her convictions and build faith in the Bible and its doctrines. She obeyed the Gospel after almost a year and half of studying.

In recent months, we have been working diligently to give the Apologetics Press Tract Series a much-needed overhaul by refurbishing its appearance, adding new titles, and generally improving quality. Twenty new tracts are now ready. As more tracts are completed, we believe this new Series will be one which our readers and customers will appreciate. New titles include: “How Can a Loving God Punish People Eternally?” “Could Humans Have Lived With Dinosaurs?” “The Predicted Messiah,” “Peter’s Denials and the Rooster Crowing,” “Archaeology and the Bible,” “Hearing God in the 21st Century,” “Man and the Age of the Earth,” “Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Testability,” “Understanding the Bible,” “Are the Resurrection Accounts Contradictory?” “The Unity of the Bible,” “Faith Founded on Facts,” etc. These tracts are valuable teaching aids that can be stuffed in envelopes with payments of bills each month, sent or given to a friend you are trying to reach with the Gospel, left with someone in a hospital or convalescent home, and even left on your table at a restaurant.

We currently are working on several additional tracts that will be added to the series in the coming months (we will alert you to their availability as soon as they are published). [I might add that we also have five of our tracts available in the Russian language.]

In keeping with our goal of making available materials that are as affordable as possible, we have priced the tracts at only 20¢ per tract, or $18/100, or $170/1,000 (titles may be mixed to achieve the best pricing). See the center spread for more details. Also, see our new 2009/2010 catalog for a complete listing of tract titles. You also may phone our offices toll-free at 800/234-8558, or visit our Web site at If we may be of assistance to you with tracts, or any of our other products and services, please let us know and we will be happy to help. We are here to serve, and genuinely appreciate your interest in our work.


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