New Tract: 15 Reasons the Big Bang & Evolution are Unscientific

From Issue: R&R – March 2019

One of the avenues through which Apologetics Press has sought to promote the cause of Christ has been through the medium of the traditional tract. Hence, AP has published several lines of tracts for both adults and children. A more recent innovation has been the development of what we have named “Fat Tracts.” These tracts differ from the more traditional tract primarily in terms of length. With this format we are able to address important subjects that require more explanation and instruction than those topics that can be addressed with less discussion. This venue is particularly appealing to those who would like to dig deeper into some of the “thorny” subjects that threaten an accurate understanding of the Christian viewpoint.

The latest addition to this line of tracts is titled “15 Reasons to Believe the Big Bang and Evolution are Unscientific” written by AP scientist Dr. Jeff Miller who holds a Ph.D. in Biomechanical Engineering from Auburn. While much of the scientific community has ensconced itself in stubborn opposition to the biblical worldview, nevertheless, the Bible reflects remarkable compatibility with true science. After all, both natural revelation and special revelation arose from the same Source: the infinite, eternal Creator. As documented in this latest tract, the prevailing position of our day regarding origins—of both the Universe and human beings—is riddled with scientific errors.

Seven other tracts are also available in the “Fat Tract” series. All AP tracts have attractive covers and are filled with vital information designed to assist in the ongoing effort to advance the truth pertaining to God and the Christian Faith.


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