New Teen Book: Defending Jesus

From Issue: R&R – December 2022

Nothing is more important than learning all about and defending our Lord and Savior. Consequently, AP has produced Defending Jesus. This third book in AP’s Defenders Series is for young people who want to go deeper in their knowledge and love of the nature, life, sacrifice, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus.

Chapter Titles include: Did Jesus Really Exist? The Perfectly Predicted Messiah; The Miracles of Jesus; Did Jesus Claim to Be God? The Resurrection of Jesus; Answering Criticisms of Christ; What Makes Jesus Different? and others.

Each volume in the Defenders Series provides apologetics material in both written word and through new videos—providing multiple learning methods to fit the learning style of each student. This third volume provides access to 35 relevant videos via QR codes scattered throughout the book that reinforce the reading material.

Produced in conjunction with Lads to Leaders and World Video Bible School, the Defenders series is aimed at young people from 7th grade to high school. The previous two volumes are titled Defending God: His Existence & Creation and Defending the Bible. The fourth volume, Defending Your Faith, is scheduled to be released next fall.

Christian young people need these books to enrich their faith and enable them, like Paul, to engage in “the defense of the gospel” (Philippians 1:17).

Defending Jesus


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