New Study Bible Cover Color

From Issue: R&R – November 2022

We are grateful that, with the Lord’s blessing, AP’s Defending the Faith Study Bible has been so well received and so helpful to a host of individuals. In addition to the original hardback edition, the black leather cover, the charcoal gray Italian Duotone, and the maroon Italian Duotone, we are delighted to announce the release of a brown Italian Duotone cover.

Since this study Bible is, specifically, an apologetics study Bible, it contains special sections that cover topics such as God’s existence, the Inspiration of the Bible, Theistic Evolution, Science and the Bible, God’s Justice and Hell, the Bible and Slavery, the Deity of Christ, and so much more. It is packed with beautiful, professional artwork, charts, and photographs that accentuate the biblical text and its message. This volume is designed to defend the Christian religion against skeptics and atheists, while building the confidence of Christians in their ability to deflect attacks upon their faith from a society saturated with unbelief.

This excellent resource is of great value to those who are most likely to be confronted with skeptical arguments: young people, those incarcerated, future church leaders and ministers, and those in increasingly secular parts of the country or the world.

As are all of AP’s products, this outstanding tool is priced far below market prices. Please consider the people in your life that need this tremendous resource. This is the perfect time of the year to consider giving AP products as gifts that will nurture the human spirit in view of eternity.

Defending the Faith Study Bible


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