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From Issue: R&R – January 2011

Imagine assembling a team of qualified, academically credentialed scientists who believe strongly in God and His Bible account of Creation. Contemplate having these men write articles and books, and conduct seminars around the country in which they present scientific evidence that refutes atheism and evolution, while demonstrating the Bible account to be consistent with true science. We are deeply grateful to God that He is enabling Apologetics Press to accomplish these worthy objectives. Consider two indicators we have recently experienced:

First, we are extremely delighted to announce the hiring of a full-time, on-site staff scientist to bolster our science department—Dr. Jeff Miller. Jeff holds a B.S. in Physical Science from Freed-Hardeman University, and a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, with an emphasis in Thermal Science (a very vital topic for Christian apologists, since he is well-qualified to speak on the Laws of Thermodynamics). He recently completed his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Auburn University. His propensity for research has already been evidenced by several excellent articles he has authored on our site. Be looking for a full-length R&R article in the near future. Please go to our Web site and click on “A.P. Scientists” to read a more extensive bio of Dr. Miller’s achievements.

Second, we are also pleased to announce the completion of an outstanding new tool to combat the forces of atheism, skepticism, and evolution. The seminar conducted by A.P. auxiliary staff scientist Dr. Michael Houts is now available on DVD, consisting of six 40-minute sessions on the overall topic: “Evolution is Religion—Not Science.” Is Dr. Houts qualified as a scientist to make such a claim? Seeing he graduated from the prestigious MIT with a doctorate in Nuclear Engineering and is Nuclear Research Manager at NASA, I would think so. But you be the judge; secure the DVD and see for yourself. (See the center spread for more details).

Finally, it is hard to believe that we have just completed 30 years of Reason & Revelation. The 2010 bound volumes for both R&R and Discovery for children are now ready. These volumes make extremely useful additions to personal, church, or school libraries, and are valuable gifts for young people. Please consider giving a single volume (or entire set) to someone for their study and edification.


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