New Product & Another Record for the A.P. Web Site

From Issue: R&R – Issue 32 #2

For 33 years, Apologetics Press has devoted itself to “the defense of the Gospel” (Philippians 1:16). This goal has been pursued primarily by means of the printed page, i.e., monthly magazines, tracts, correspondence courses, and books. We could not have imagined that one day the Lord would bless us with a Web site that would receive thousands of hits per day, from people in countries all over the world. In 2004, the A.P. site exceeded 2 million page hits. Since that time, this marvelous tool of evangelism has experienced steady growth each year. At the beginning of last year, we launched a completely refurbished, extremely functional, user-friendly site. We are delighted to report that the new site did precisely what we hoped and prayed it would do. In 2011, the A.P. Web site exceeded 8 million page hits! Our site averaged 22,225 pages viewed per day—which translates to 15.43 pages every minute! On average, the site disseminated 676,013 electronic pages of information to Christians and non-Christians around the world every month. By the grace of God, every 3.88 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world accesses an electronic page of information from Apologetics Press.

Think of it: even if A.P. were never to publish another book, print another tract, produce another television program, or mail out another issue of our monthly magazines, the work of A.P. would be extremely productive and evangelistically effective. Indeed, to place millions of pages of biblical information into the hands of thousands of individuals scattered across the planet is a worthy mission endeavor in and of itself.

We are also happy to announce the release of another product to aid in fighting the culture war that presses us. Intended as a companion volume to Christ and the Continental Congress, the Proclamation Packet contains images of the actual 15 proclamations issued by the Continental Congress during the tumultuous years of the Revolutionary War. Suitable for framing, these proclamations are rich with biblical insight, reminding us why God has blessed our nation so abundantly. Indeed, they indicate the Founders’ conviction that the establishment of the Republic depended on national acknowledgement of Christ. You may well want to frame one or more of these proclamations and place them in prominent places in your home or office. They are memorable, powerful, and worthy of dissemination.

Please be sure to take note below of the announcement of the first A.P. Scientists Seminar concerning which we will have more to say soon.


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