New Magazine for Teens

From Issue: R&R – March 2014

Throughout the course of human history, some of God’s most valuable and courageous servants have been teenagers. Joseph was sold by his brothers when he was 17 (Genesis 37:1)—yet he kept his spiritual wits about him when thrust into a foreign, unfriendly environment. David was a youth when he protected his father’s flock from lion and bear, and then went up against a seasoned, experienced giant of a man who was a Philistine soldier (1 Samuel 17:33ff.). Timothy was a youth (1 Timothy 4:12), and yet did amazing things for God.

Our society has fed teenagers the lie that their actions are irrelevant, so they can wait until their adult years to become productive citizens. In the meantime, they can “enjoy” their youth by spending their time in frivolous entertainment and worldly “fun.” In contrast to this satanic seduction, God’s Word explains that teens can be model soldiers in the army of the Lord. Paul told Timothy: “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” and “wage the good warfare” (2 Timothy 2:3; 1 Timothy 1:18).

In light of this truth, we at Apologetics Press diligently strive to give young people the necessary tools to aid them in their quest to defend the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. Consequently, we have launched a new magazine specially tailored for teens. V2—which stands for Valor and Virtue—is a resource designed to provide teens with exciting evidences that will strengthen their faith and give them confidence to defend it. We desire to motivate young people to pattern their lives after Jesus Christ, influencing as many of their peers as possible in view of eternity. You will want to get a copy of this resource and consider how you can use it to insulate the souls of teens.


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