New Evolutionary Diet Starves the Intellect

As the New Year begins, many Americans are casting a disgusting look in the mirror and seeing the evidence that last year, not only did they fail to lose the 10 pounds they had hoped to drop, but they actually gained more weight. As these frustrated individuals ponder how to keep that same thing from happening this year, new diet plans loom large in their future. Since dieting and exercise are on most resolution lists, many journalists and publishers unveil new books and diet plans designed to aid the hopeful resolver with his/her goals for the year. One such writer, Casey Schwartz, recently reviewed a new book titled The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us About Weight Loss, Fitness and Aging written by Arthur De Vany.

De Vany’s book suggests that “our hunter-gatherer ancestors, who roamed the earth in 40,000 B.C.” (Schwartz, 2010) had a better diet than modern humans. Additionally, the “New Evolution Diet suggests sporadic bursts of vigorous exertion—sprinting, or playing basketball—and urges an end to endless dull hours of cardio at the gym. Much better to impersonate our distant ancestors, who would have had a mad dash to kill prey and haul it back to camp” (2010).

The problem with De Vany’s book is that there were no humans living in 40,000 B.C. because the Earth is not even that old (Thompson, 2004). Furthermore, the entire book is based on the false idea that humans actually evolved over millions of years. In addition, the use of the word “Evolution” in the title is extremely misleading. Here is why. De Vany says that “a baby born 40,000 years ago was no different genetically than a baby born today” (Schwartz, 2010). So what “evolution” has taken place in that period of time? None. While the merits or demerits of De Vany’s diet are not under consideration, his use of the false theory of evolution to sell his idea is. It may be true that high fructose corn syrup and French fries are not healthy food choices, but it is not true that this has anything to do with evolution. In fact, the unhealthy habit of ingesting evolutionary propaganda should be something we all try to jettison from our diets this year.


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