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From Issue: R&R – October 2012

While the central thrust of Apologetics Press is to defend the foundational doctrines of the Christian religion against atheism, unbelief, skepticism, and all anti-Christian forces, we nevertheless include basic Bible teaching on doctrinal matters, including God’s plan of salvation. In our efforts to defend Christianity, it is not uncommon for us to receive queries concerning our understanding of what the Bible teaches on the basics of Christianity—especially how to become a Christian. Hence, a few years ago we produced the volume Receiving the Gift of Salvation. This booklet was intended to serve as a concise resource to assist inquirers with their search for the truth. This brief, succinct booklet offers a non-threatening treatment of the New Testament plan of salvation. It addresses key concepts that clarify this critical topic, including in what sense salvation is a “free gift,” how one takes possession of a gift, whether baptism is a “work,” and the meaning of salvation “by faith.”

Now we are pleased to announce the release of a companion volume that is equally critical in ascertaining the basics of Christianity. Surrendering to His Lordship addresses the all-important principle of authority as expounded in Scripture. This booklet enables the honest inquirer to understand how the Bible authorizes, i.e., how we may know what God approves and disapproves in religion, in worship, in daily living, and in all of life. An understanding of this foundational doctrine is paramount. Ultimately, it holds the key to making sense of the existence, not only of non-Christian religions, but even of the myriad denominations, with their host of conflicting and contradictory practices, all claiming to have God’s approval.

Like Receiving the Gift of Salvation, we desire to make this volume available to non-Christians free of charge. We also make them available at a nominal cost to Christians and congregations that desire bulk quantities to use in their local evangelistic efforts. We commend this new tool to you in your efforts to promote the cause of Christ.


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