New DVD: Has the Bible Been Corrupted?

From Issue: R&R – May 2015

How often have you heard people say the following?

“You can’t be sure you have the Bible in its original form.”

“The Bible developed lots of errors and mistakes while it was being transmitted over the centuries.”

“The existing manuscript copies of the Bible all differ with each other and have thousands of variant wordings.”

Sadly, we are living at a point in American history in which skeptics, atheists, and modernists have waged an aggressive war against the Bible for over a century. Muslims and Mormons also believe the Bible has been corrupted in transmission. They have been significantly successful in undermining public confidence in the authenticity of the text of the Bible. They have particularly eroded the faith of young people who attend state universities. Young people walk away from their college education entertaining serious doubts about the Bible—if not outright loss of confidence in the credibility of Scripture.

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In our continuing efforts to provide the public with tools for sorting out the assault of unbelief on long cherished truths that were once widely believed but are now openly rejected, we are pleased to release a DVD that addresses these matters, answering such questions as…

  • How do we know the Bible was transmitted accurately?
  • How much manuscript evidence do we have for the Bible?
  • Do we have the original autograph copies of the Bible?
  • How can we be sure we have the Bible as God intended it?
  • How do we know how the original Bible read?
  • Is Mark 16:9-20 supposed to be in the Bible?

The DVD contains nine, approximately 35 minute, sessions with easy-to-understand answers to these technical questions. This is a product that you can use to increase your own confidence in the integrity of the biblical text, and which you can use to help others who are struggling with the propaganda that now dominates the educational system, the liberal media, and beyond.


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