New Creation DVD & Your Tax Check

From Issue: R&R Volume 28 #6

We at Apologetics Press have committed ourselves to producing more DVD resources for both adults and children due to the fact that many Americans have upgraded to these ever improving forms of electronic communication. In that spirit, A.P. has just released the first offering in our Pillars of Faith seminar series: Truth Be Told. Sub-titled “A Seminar Exposing the Myth of Evolution,” this outstanding, six-lesson DVD contains live presentations of the cutting-edge information that Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons provide in the seminars that they conduct around the country. They present evidence that refutes evolution, defends Creation, and explains how dinosaurs fit into the biblical framework. Designed to examine the Creation/Evolution controversy in light of reason and revelation, this evangelistic tool is an excellent means to reach friends, neighbors, and co-workers. These DVDs are extremely inexpensive when purchased in bulk quantities. Click HERE for pricing. Please secure your copy and view these presentations. I am confident you will be sufficiently impressed that you will want to get copies in the hands of others.


As you are no doubt well aware, the U.S. government is in the process of sending checks to many Americans in order to stimulate the economy. It may be the case that you have already made mental plans as to how to distribute that money. Maybe you are thinking about purchasing new furniture, making a down-payment on a new car, or buying a flat-screen television. May I encourage you to consider donating a portion of those funds to the work at Apologetics Press? We have been busy producing scientifically sound, biblically accurate materials, and have several resources in the final stages of production that lack funding.

For instance, Digger Doug’s Underground episodes seven and eight are complete and waiting for funds. These two episodes deal with the false evolutionary concept of vestigial organs, as well as the argument for God’s existence based on the scientific Law of Cause and Effect. In addition, Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt have completed a ten-chapter, 200+ page adult book titled The Dinosaur Delusion that offers in-depth research verifying the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs. Furthermore, Kyle and Eric have also recently recorded a six-lesson DVD series titled Behold! The Lamb of God that covers such topics as the historicity and uniqueness of Christ, the resurrection, and Messianic prophecies. Also, the third in our series of rhyming books is finished and ready. It is titled A Man Who Loved Money and relates the story of the rich young ruler.

We are excited about the materials and resources that God has allowed us to produce and distribute in the past, and, with His blessing, we look forward to adding many more such resources in the future. With your help, we can spread the Gospel to the lost, defend the Faith, and equip the saints to be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies in them. Please consider joining with us in these noble goals by donating to the cause.


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