New Children’s Rhyming Book Released

From Issue: R&R Volume 29 #9

How many times have you purchased Bible storybooks or tapes that claim to be “biblical,” only to be disappointed because they did not live up to their claim? (You’ve seen those pictures of Noah’s ark with multiple doors). In reality, probably most religious children’s books on the market are fraught with unscriptural aspects that require the conscientious parent to screen, edit, or correct before passing them along to their children. If you can relate to what I am saying, then you will be pleased with our series on central Bible characters.

The latest entry in this exceptional series is titled A Man Who Loved Money. Using a masterful blend of rhyming verse expressed on a child’s level, Kyle Butt has captured the meaning and importance of the account of the rich young ruler as recorded in Matthew 19, Mark 10, and Luke 18. Targeted at children from two to five years old, this volume conveys the conversation between Jesus and the rich man in a penetrating way that will embed the story in a child’s mind. The book is filled with colorful, eye-catching illustrations by Jeremy Pate that are sure to hold a child’s attention.

The previous two entries in this series are equally excellent. The Patient Man from Uz portrays the entire book of Job accurately, genuinely capturing the central theme of the book, while conveying the message of Job on a child’s level. A Son Who Ran Away presents the parable of the prodigal son in a fascinating, easy-to-read manner. Through this memorable story, Christ brought to light the ravages of sin, the value of true repentance, the love of the heavenly Father, and the need to possess a compassionate attitude toward those who need God.

A Son Who Ran Away and A Patient Man From Uz are available only in hardback. A Man Who Loved Money is available only in soft cover. These volumes are a must for parents and grandparents who desire to introduce their children and grandchildren to important Bible characters whom God chose to preserve on the pages of Holy Writ for all time. And, like all of A.P.’s materials, you cannot beat the price. Add them to your child’s library today!


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