New Book: Scientists Speak Out About God & Evolution

Growing up in post-World War II America, several generations of American children have been treated to a thoroughly post-Christian worldview. Consequently, many Americans no longer believe in the Bible as the Word of God. They do not believe the biblical account of Creation in Genesis 1-2. Instead, they have been convinced by their public education that the Earth is ancient, that life upon Earth arose spontaneously and gradually evolved over millions of years into the variety of animal life now on the planet—including the naturalistic origin of human beings. The propaganda has been so intense and so widely perpetrated that it would be difficult even to get the attention of those who have embraced the atheistic viewpoint. They have become accustomed to living life without any sense of moral accountability to a Higher Being. Why would they now want to alter their belief system?

The scientific community is thoroughly dominated by a naturalistic, atheistic outlook. Nevertheless, one inconvenient truth is the fact that a considerable number of credibly credentialed scientists reject the naturalistic framework. The fact is that many well-qualified scientists reject organic evolution and naturalism. Many believe instead in the God of the Bible and the Bible’s depiction of the natural order.

AP is pleased to announce the release of a new book that responds to this current state of affairs. The book contains an assimilation of a variety of evidences that are inexplicable apart from the Divine Being. This scientific evidence is presented by six credentialed scientists who possess the knowledge, expertise, and insight that qualify them to set forward their findings.

Scientists Speak Out About God & Evolution


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