New Book on Suffering and 2014 A.P. Web Stats

From Issue: R&R – February 2015

Perhaps the number one reason why people reject God is they cannot see how a loving God would allow so much suffering in the world. Facing calamity, heartache, and tribulation are prominent factors in causing many people to reconsider personal belief in God. However, skeptics and atheists who insist that suffering in the world proves that God does not exist are simply wrong. Why? Because the Bible provides the only suitable explanation(s) for why people suffer.

In that vein, we are pleased to release a new book titled Why People Suffer. This volume was written with the average reader in mind (rather than addressed to intellectuals and philosophers). It uses a casual mode of expression and is designed to help the average person to sort out the confusion and concern that naturally arises when faced with hardship and pain in life. The Bible does, indeed, provide satisfactory explanations for the existence of suffering and calamity in the world. The volume contains thought questions at the end of each section suitable for classroom study. And it is priced to enable churches to provide copies for all their students.

On another note, we are also excited to announce another milestone in A.P.’s efforts to impact the world. Last year, our Web site surpassed the 19.4 million mark in terms of “pages viewed.” That means that over 19 million pages of information from the A.P. Web site were viewed in 2014 by people located in over 230 countries/territories worldwide. We are truly delighted that the Lord is seeing fit to use the A.P. site to do a significant amount of evangelism. If you’ve not visited our site recently, please do so. New articles, video, audio, books, etc. are constantly being added.


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