New Book on Inspiration

From Issue: R&R – July 2020

For over 2,000 years, Christians have been defending the authenticity and inspiration of the Bible. The existent evidence has been proclaimed and presented continuously during these two millennia. Indeed, the divine inspiration of the Bible has been firmly established and can never be legitimately repudiated. AP has just released a new book which offers a sampling of that voluminous evidence. Among the topics and themes addressed are the nature of Bible inspiration, why the Bible is not a “book of fables” as alleged by skeptics, how prophecy proves the Bible, how “Messianic anticipations” verify inspiration, instances of foreknowledge, as well as uncanny characteristics of the writers.

As with many AP books, this one is designed to be of use in the classroom. In addition to discussions of internal proofs of inspiration, the volume contains 260 review questions for Bible class and private study, a discussion of nine Messianic prophecies, extensive endnotes with additional discussion, and appendices on Messianic prophecies and Bible typology.

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Not designed to provide an extensive, exhaustive discussion of Bible inspiration, this book is intended to provide a “smattering” of the massive amount of evidence that proves the supernatural origin of the Bible. The book is designed to whet the appetite in hopes that those who read it will be motivated to spend more time exploring and discovering the wonder of God’s written revelation.


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