New Book for Young People: Dinosaur Field Journal

From Issue: R&R – June 2018

Apologetics Press has just released an unusual book that is unlike any other book we have ever published. Titled the Dinosaur Field Journal, the book has as its target audience third to sixth graders, although other ages will profit as well.

This is a “what if?” book. Specifically, this production postulates what it would be like for a man from ancient times (some 4,000 years ago) to record his zoological travel experiences. He comes into contact with dinosaurs and records his impressions in a field journal. Eber of the Land Between the Rivers is the fictitious character that records his thoughts, impressions, sketches, and descriptions of the dinosaurs he encounters on his worldwide adventures. This delightful piece of fantasy provides children with three helpful realizations: (1) up-to-date information about the size, shape, and habits of some 30 dinosaur and dinosaur-like creatures, including size comparison with humans, (2) vivid awareness that dinosaurs and humans co-habited the Earth, and (3) that the Creator is an awesome, all-powerful Being Who has left His imprint on His Creation.

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Beautifully bound in faux leather with yellowed, weathered pages, the journal has the feel of vintage age and authenticity that will undoubtedly excite children. In addition to sketches and factual information, the journal contains pages where Eber reflects on the “amazing armor” of dinosaurs, the inability of evolutionary theory to account for the existence of dinosaurs, the marvelous design of sauropod tails and the acoustically designed head of the parasaurolophus, the historicity of the Flood and its relation to dinosaurs, and dino digestion. Five and a half pages are included at the end for youngsters to make their own notes and drawings.

We are unaware of anything like this book on the market. This volume is a unique and creative way to teach children about dinosaurs and their relationship with humans. The Dinosaur Field Journal has the potential to impact youthful minds permanently by instilling in them the truth about God’s animal creation and the outrageous falsehood of evolution. Don’t miss this opportunity to nurture the young minds in your sphere of influence.


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