New Book for Young People

From Issue: R&R – Issue 40 #10

AP continues to develop materials for our young people that will assist them in facing the many challenges to their faith in current culture. We have created a book that is designed to prove the existence of God to young people—from 6th grade to high school. Specifically, the book is intended to enable young people to defend their faith, while aiding their friends and acquaintances in coming to grips with the reality of God. This book will build the faith of a young person and it will simultaneously encourage that young person to evangelize others with the information contained therein.

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Titled Defending God: His Existence & Creation, this volume is the first of four books in the Defenders Series. Each book will provide apologetics material in both written word and through a new video series—providing multiple learning methods to fit the learning style of each student. The first volume provides access to 41 relevant videos via QR codes scattered throughout the book that reinforce the reading material.

In addition to Defending God, subsequent volumes will be titled Defending the Bible, Defending Jesus, and Defending Your Faith. Please spread the word concerning this new series, in hopes that many young people will be uplifted and solidified in their spirituality.


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