New Book: Christ and the Continental Congress

From Issue: R&R – January 2010

Just over a year ago, Apologetics Press released a volume that depicts the heartbreaking shift occurring in America’s culture war, as God and the Christian religion are being systematically eliminated from the nation’s institutions. The Silencing of God: The Dismantling of America’s Christian Heritage is the coffee-table book version of the popular DVD seminar, The Silencing of God, which documents the sinister attempt to expunge America’s religious heritage.

The sequel to this volume is now available: Christ and the Continental Congress. This fascinating book answers the question: Did the Founders believe that the survival of the Republic depends on America’s acknowledgement of Jesus Christ? Revisionist historians, who now firmly dominate academia, answer that question with a resounding—“absolutely not”! But the truth is that the Founders stated over and over their deep conviction that, indeed, acknowledgement of God and the Christian religion are integral to the survival of the nation.

In the 15 supplication proclamations that they issued to the entire nation during the tumultuous years of the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress called upon all Americans to set aside entire days for the sole purpose of petitioning God. In those public pronouncements, they openly acknowledged Jesus Christ as “our gracious Redeemer” and advocated the exclusivity and priority of Christianity. They affirmed the critical importance of the Bible to the people and beseeched God to spread Christianity throughout the Earth. They requested that God establish American Independence on Christianity and Christian morality and urged Americans to keep all of God’s laws. They enjoined on Americans the practice of Christianity as the foundation of national happiness, and credited God with America’s military success and national prosperity. You must see for yourself the evidence that establishes these facts.

Like its prequel, CCC is filled with beautiful, colorful pictures and historical images. Placing these volumes in a visible location in your home will definitely attract attention from guests and visitors. Why not consider giving both books as gifts, and help to call people back to the God of the Bible and His Son?


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