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From Issue: R&R – October 2018

One of the important areas of activity at Apologetics Press has been the production of materials for children of all ages. We have striven to provide faith-building products that will enable young people to know the truth and not be swayed by the many adverse influences that characterize current culture. The AP Reader Series has been a very effective means to accomplish this objective.

Three levels of readers are available: The “Learn to Read” series is designed to provide books for children (ages 3-6) for the purpose of assisting them in learning to read, while simultaneously introducing them to the Creator and His creation. The Early Reader Series is a set of books aimed at children in kindergarten through second grade. A step up from our Early Readers, A.P.’s Advanced Reader Series is aimed at children in 2nd-3rd grades.

We are pleased to announce the release of two new books in each series. In the Learn to Read series, we have Hares, Mares, and Bears as well as Loons, Coons, and Baboons. The two new Early Readers are God Made Puppies and God Made Hair. For the Advanced Reader Series, we have Amazing Tongues and Amazing Beauty. All six of these books will further enhance and reinforce the critical principles of God as Creator, as well as the teleological argument for His existence, based on the incredible design that exists in the world.

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Each series now has 10 books. We have always made these volumes available at an extremely low price, with even lower prices when bought in bulk. Please give serious consideration to the value of these books in further insulating the souls of youth.


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