New A.P. Promo DVD

From Issue: R&R Volume 27 #12

Apologetics Press has been in existence for nearly 30 years. Through all those years, critical materials have been produced to combat the forces of atheism, skepticism, and evolution. Multiplied thousands of individuals have benefited from these materials. Today, A.P. continues to grow and expand its outreach capabilities. Many new books, tracts, journal and Web articles, CDs, DVDs, television programs, radio spots, and more continue to pour forth from the industrious A.P. staff.

Observe, however, that A.P.’s potential for impact directly correlates with exposure. Our materials could benefit so very many more people if we were able to get the word out on a broader scale. In an effort to do that very thing, we have produced a promotional DVD that introduces the viewer to the work of Apologetics Press. Only 15 minutes in length, this professional presentation captures the multifaceted features of our work, providing potential supporters and other interested individuals with an understanding of what A.P. is all about.

Imagine the impact this brief DVD could make if elderships arranged for their congregations to view it, or individuals distributed it to neighbors and friends. We at A.P. are convinced that the quality and effective­ness of our work is bringing glory to the Lord. And we believe others would feel the same if they understood what we do and how we do it. This DVD empowers its viewers to share A.P.’s vision.

If you would like a complimentary copy of this new DVD, simply contact our offices and our secretaries will be happy to meet your request. Please encourage elderships, churches, relatives, friends, and co-workers to view the presentation. Additional copies are available.


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