New A.P. Bible Class Curriculum

From Issue: R&R – March 2013

“When are you going to produce a Bible class curriculum?” For a period of many years, that question has been posed to Apologetics Press over and over again. It is hard to believe that the desire of so many has now come to fruition. We are pleased to announce the release of the Apologetics Press Bible School Curriculum: Exploring God’s Word. It has been developed over a period of many years by highly qualified individuals who have invested countless hours in its production. We think you will find this to be one of the most unique, effective Bible school curricula available anywhere.

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What’s more, we are especially excited about the novel format of this curriculum. Several years ago, when the A.P. staff began working on this project, we envisioned producing a “traditional” curriculum that we would print and sell in hardcopy form. As our plans developed, however, we realized that the traditional approach has certain limitations. Changes are only made if the changes are cost effective, and the enhancement process is slow. In addition, under the traditional system, the changes are made from the “top down.” Under our new “open system,” changes are submitted from the “bottom up,” that is, those who actually use the curriculum in the classroom come to recognize what improvements are needed, and may then submit the changes, thereby improving the curriculum as it is being implemented. This approach also allows more creative minds to apply their unique skills, abilities, and ways of thinking to the curriculum so that Christians everywhere benefit from the suggestions and improvements of others.

This user-friendly, on-line curriculum can be adapted to various congregational demographics—regardless of congregational size, financial ability, etc. Since it is on-line, it can be viewed, downloaded, and printed by anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world. What’s more, all the material for two-year-olds through fourth grade is completely free. The only part of the curriculum that is purchased is the printed material for fifth and sixth grades.

Exploring God’s Word has already been used to influence thousands of children all over the world. We believe that we have created the foundation for an outstanding Bible class curriculum. We invite you to visit the site and see what this curriculum can do for your Bible school program. We think you will discover that using this curriculum will be one of the best decisions your congregation can make for your children. To visit the site, simply click on “Bible Class Curriculum” on the left hand column of our main Web site. Additionally, we are providing another curriculum resource free of charge that motivates young people to read their Bibles. At our main Web site, simply click on “Advanced Bible Reader.”


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