New Advanced Reader & Great Gift Ideas

From Issue: R&R – November 2016

At this time of year, many folks think in terms of gift giving. We at AP have lots of great gift suggestions that will thrill the mind and nourish the soul. We have gifts for all ages. We have books, DVDs, tracts, CDs, magazines, and even dinosaur posters. Since we are a nonprofit organization, all of our products are priced far below market value.

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You may want to consider giving a child a gift subscription to Discovery magazine. You may give an adult or teenager a subscription to Reason & Revelation. You might give a 3-6 year old all eight of our Learn to Read books, or a 5-7 year old all eight of our Early Readers, or a 2nd-3rd grader our Advanced Readers. We have just released our newest Advanced Reader: Amazing Skin Designed By God. Or what about our many books that address the Creation-Evolution controversy?

We also have several resources that encourage Americans to return to their roots by reconsidering the values and principles on which the nation was built—books like The Silencing of God and Christ & the Continental Congress—or DVDs like The Silencing of God, America’s Most Pressing Concern, and Separation of Church and State? There’s even a “Founding Fathers Collection” on our site for more savings.

What about our books that deal with alleged Bible contradictions, or those that answer atheism? Or our popular children’s television episodes of Digger Doug’s Underground on DVD? The options are extensive and varied. We exist to provide Christians and truth seekers with the spiritual information that will point them toward heaven.

Our catalog may be accessed on-line at: Our Web store may be accessed at:


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