My Exciting Trip to the National Museum of Natural History

From Issue: Discovery 10/1/2006

My visit to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. was one of the most exciting trips I have taken. I was amazed at all the effort and money that has gone into the interesting exhibits, fossil displays, and presentations. In the lobby of the museum, a huge elephant exhibit greets those who visit. Admission to the museum is free, because the taxes that U.S. citizens pay are used to fund much of the work done in the museum.

Huge dinosaur fossils, magnificent columns of information, and flying reptiles hanging from the ceiling were just a few of the interesting things on display. I only spent about half of a day in the museum, but there is so much information it could take days or weeks to see everything.

I was in the museum long enough, however, to discover one very important but disappointing fact: the National Museum of Natural History is dedicated to teaching children (and adults) about evolution. Almost every exhibit had false information about the age of the Earth, humans coming from monkey-like animals, the Big Bang, and countless other false ideas. There was even a large theater named the Evolution Theater with a movie about how humans supposedly evolved from a rodent.

It is wonderful to study the natural world around us. The apostle Paul said that we can look at the natural world and know that there is a powerful, eternal God (Romans 1:20). The design found in our amazing Universe shows us that God’s intelligence is far above anything that we humans have. It is sad when people fail to give credit to God for His creation. It is also sad that our National Museum of Natural History does not teach the truth that God created the Universe.

In this issue of Discovery, we will be looking at many of the things I saw in the museum that teach evolution. We are going to explore why these evolutionary ideas are false. I hope that after reading this issue, you will be prepared so that, if you ever get to go to the National Museum of Natural History or other places where evolution is being taught, you will know the truth.


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