Muscles, Muscles, and more Muscles

When you yawn, it takes muscles. When you walk, it takes muscles. Your body has muscles, muscles, and more muscles. In fact, there are 656 muscles in one human body. These muscles are made of tiny fibers. To lift a ball means you use only a few of these fibers. To lift a couch means you use almost all these fibers.

Nerves that run through the muscles receive electrical charges from the brain, and cause the muscles to contract (shorten). Muscles always work by getting shorter, never by growing longer. Our muscles are divided into two systems. In the voluntary system, we can control the muscles (to play ball, lift the couch, etc.). In the involuntary system, usually we cannot control the muscles, because they take care of our heart, kidneys, lungs, and other important body parts-and they do it automatically, just as if someone had “designed” them that way.

God did design them that way! And what wonderful and wonderful job He did. Muscles last us a lifetime. They can be used over and over again. We can even strengthen our muscles by doing exercises. We should be grateful to have such muscles.

One of the greatest kings of the Old Testament was king David, who wrote many of the psalms. In Psalm 139:14, the wise king said to God, “Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” David looked at the human body, and saw that it was “…fearfully and wonderfully made….” When we look at our bodies, we should do what David did, and give credit to God, Who created us-muscles and all!


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