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From Issue: R&R – Issue 44#6

One of the most exciting areas of growth at Apologetics Press is the “Other Languages” section of our website. By the grace of God, precious souls around the world whose native language is not English are benefitting increasingly from AP’s free online articles, books, tracts, home study courses, etc. In the first part of 2024, we added more than 100 new articles and several more books. We now have 1,000 translated articles on our site, plus over 40 translated books.

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God has blessed us richly with wonderful Christian translators around the world—from China to Honduras and from Tanzania to Russia. We are also very blessed to have Kirk Ottinger working with AP as our translation coordinator. (If you have any questions about or suggestions regarding AP’s translation work, please reach out to Kirk directly at [email protected].)

Although we currently only have one book translated into the Shona language (the first language of millions of Zimbabweans), consider how God can use “just one” to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. Last month, we received an e-mail from a kind preacher in Zimbabwe who wrote: 

I found it necessary to thank you through the publication of [AP’s The Quran Unveiled by Dave Miller], which we were able to translate and publish in the last two years, which helps us a lot in the preaching of the gospel of Christ Jesus. We were able to advertise it through door to door evangelism. That led us to bring our brother Gilbert to the Lord after studying with him these books for a long time…. [Also], yesterday (05-06-2024)…we were able to convert and baptize one of the people we study with from the Muslim church…. May God be praised for your involvement in their work.

Nothing thrills Christians more than lost souls being saved! And there is no greater work that a Christian can do than playing a part (however so “small”) in bringing people out of darkness and false religion and into the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping us get the word out about the “Other Languages” section of the AP website ( To God be the glory!


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