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Through the years, one of the more effective ways to evangelize has been the use of tracts. Tracts offer readers an abbreviated, condensed assessment of one particular truth designed to point them to God. They can be left in restaurants, included in bill payments, left in doctor’s offices, or simply handed to strangers in a variety of settings. AP has sought to take full advantage of this avenue of outreach by providing Christians with tracts on a variety of subjects. We have endeavored to make them colorful and visually inviting, succinct, and filled with substance.

We continue to expand our offerings and also rewrite and refurbish our older tracts. We have recently released three that we think will be helpful to the cause of Christ. First, we have created a tract from an article that appeared in Reason & Revelation titled 13 Objections to Baptism. Additionally, we have refurbished two of our older tracts, the first titled Christianity & Humanism and the second Faith & Knowledge. We believe all three of these tracts will be useful to you in your efforts to spiritually educate others.

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