More Kids’ TV Program Episodes

From Issue: R&R – August 2010

We are pleased that our children’s television program continues to receive positive reactions. We are confident that this program will enjoy a prolonged impact, providing spiritual nourishment to youngsters for years to come. The seventh volume of Digger Doug’s Underground is now available and ready for shipping. Like its predecessors, Volume 7 is packaged in an attractive and colorful DVD box and contains two episodes—Episode 13 titled Broken Bones, Broken Theory and Episode 14 titled Humans and Dinosaurs.

In addition to airing regularly on the Gospel Broadcasting Network (, we continue to transfer episodes to DVD. The previous six volumes (12 episodes), already on the market, contain some outstanding information under the follow episode titles: What About the Big Bang?, After Their Kind, Dinosaurs and Artifacts, Dinosaurs and Natural History, Days of Creation, Biomimicry, Vestigial Organs, Cause and Effect, Similar Things, Evolutionary Hoaxes, The Age of the Earth, and Creation Scientists.

In addition to providing children with a masterful blending of scientific and biblical information, the episodes include original songs written specifically for the program.

I cannot adequately express my conviction that this television program has the potential to influence children in such a way that they can be permanently protected from the evil influence of godless evolution. If you are a parent or grandparent, I know you will be delighted with these episodes if you will take the time to preview them. Why not pop some popcorn, and sit down and watch them with your little ones?


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