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From Issue: R&R – March 2021

At a time when our culture is in a state of spiritual turbulence, moving farther away from God and Christian values, protecting and preparing children to face what lies ahead is paramount. And this preparation must start at an early age. Hence, Apologetics Press continues to produce potent material to do just that.


We have just published another volume in each of our three AP Readers series levels. We have added another title to the first level—the Learn to Read Series—titled Sows, Cows, and Owls. Like the other books in this series, this new addition is intended for children ages 3-6. It seeks not only to acquaint children with the animal kingdom, but to also introduce them to simple sentence structure, rhyme, exclamation, question, and reinforcement through repetition. It is specifically designed for the beginning reader.

We have also added another title to the second level—the Early Reader Series—titled God Made Kittens. This series is one level beyond our Learn to Read series and is aimed at children in kindergarten through second grade. Like its series counterparts, this volume is also written on a level that early readers will enjoy.

And we have also added another title to the third level—the Advanced Reader Series—titled Amazing Noses Designed by God. A step up from our Early Readers, the Advanced Reader Series is aimed at children in 2nd-3rd grades.

All the books in these series are filled with beautiful, full-color pictures and wonderful information about God and His creation. With durable, glossy, soft covers, these volumes contain brilliantly colorful, attention-grabbing pictures and original drawings. Kids find learning to read, and increasing their reading skills, a pleasure, while simultaneously being impressed with the role of the Creator in His creation. See our website for the other titles in each of our three series.


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