Modern America and Homosexuality

From Issue: Discovery 9/1/2006

 Homosexuality is a very big issue-especially in America. Many Americans are trying to force all members of society to accept homosexuality as normal, good, and even beneficial. These people are called “gay-rights activists.” They promote what is called the “gay-rights movement.”

As we have studied in Discovery this month, homosexuality is sinful (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). But those who support gay-rights are producing materials aimed at elementary school children. These materials promote “respect” for the practice of sodomy. Many teachers in elementary and middle schools are trying to teach their students to accept homosexuality using words like tolerance and diversity.

Even many religious organizations are having difficulty deciding whether to allow homosexuals to be leaders in their churches. Some so-called “Christian” universities have teachers who promote gay-rights. Even though these teachers may not march in parades supporting homosexuality, they refuse to teach that homosexuality is sinful and wrong. The gay rights movement has tried to convince us that there are many more homosexuals in America than there really are. Homosexuals are a very, very small percentage of American households. But many television shows have several gay characters. And many movies show homosexuality as something good or funny, but rarely as sinful.

Gay-rights activists want to convince us that because homosexuals are “victims,” they should receive special treatment. They say that just as people cannot choose to be right-handed or left-handed. Homosexuals do not choose to be homosexual. So, activists say, we should treat homosexuals just as we treat everybody else-not as people involved in a sinful lifestyle.

One important battle in the gay-rights controversy is over homosexual marriage. Those who support homosexuality are saying that homosexuals should be able to marry each other and adopt children. But we must always remember that God did not create people as homosexuals. Homosexuals have made a sinful and tragic choice, so we should urge them to repent. We must not let people in our society change our minds about homosexuality, since God’s Word on the subject never changes.


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