Love That Would Not Give Up

From Issue: Discovery 12/1/2003

Have you ever been asked to do something very difficult? Maybe your mom or dad asked you to do something, and you did not understand the reason until later. In the Old Testament book of Hosea, we read about one of God’s prophets who was asked to do something very difficult, but for a very important reason. God chose Hosea as one of his spokesmen (a prophet) during the reign of the Israelite king Jeroboam II. Hosea probably lived and prophesied around the year 750 B.C. During this time, Israel had turn-ed away from God and had started worshipping idols. God used the life of Hosea to paint a clear picture for Israel of how He felt about their idol worship.

God instructed Hosea to take a sinful woman as his wife. Hosea chose a woman named Gomer who had a very bad reputation. She had lived a wicked life, and was not someone who would make a good wife. Hosea did what God commanded him to do. Hosea married Gomer, and they had children. Sadly, after some time had passed, Gomer returned to her life of sin. Even though Gomer left Hosea and returned to her wicked life, Hosea still loved her very much. One day, Hosea spotted his wife Gomer, who was in such terrible shape that she was being sold as a slave. Gomer could not have sunk any lower or been in a more shameful position. Hosea’s love for Gomer was so great that he re-deemedher (bought her back), even after she had left him and been an unfaithful wife. God uses the story of Hosea and Gomer to teach a valuable lesson.

Through the relationship be-tween Hosea and Gomer, God was showing Israel how He felt about their wicked behavior. Israel was worshipping idols, and did not recognize that their blessings and wealth came from the Lord, but gave idols the credit. When Israel would do this, God would take their riches and blessings away. God continued to love Israel, even when they were unfaithful to Him,just as Hosea had loved Gomer while she was unfaithful.

The Old Testament story of Hosea and Gomer provides a wonderful lesson for Christians today. Christ’s death on the cross made forgiveness of our sins possible. When a Christian sins, Jesus’ bloodredeems them (or buys them back) from sin. Let’s use the story of Hosea and Gomer to remind us how much it hurts God when we sin, but how He is always willing to buy us back when we repent.


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