Losing Precious Things

From Issue: Discovery 6/1/2000

Everyone values different things. Some people think money is very important. Others think popularity matters a great deal. Friendship is valuable to some people. Material possessions are valuable to others. Everyone in the world values something.

The Bible tells us about a group of people in New Testament times called Pharisees. These people valued the wrong thing by valuing the mere appearance of being righteous. They wanted to appear holy and religious, but they did not care if they really were holy. These people wanted to be popular in the eyes of men, but they did not care how they looked in the eyes of God.

The Pharisees became angry with Jesus because He ate with sinners. Eating with sinners did not look holy to them. The Pharisees wondered how a righteous man like Jesus could associate with prostitutes and thieves. After all, the Pharisees thought that righteous people belonged in the temple teaching, or dining at great banquets with other righteous people.

So Jesus told them a story about a woman who had ten silver coins, but lost one of them. She searched her entire house high and low, sweeping under every piece of furniture and in every corner until she found the silver coin. Afterwards, she called her friends to come over and celebrate with her. When He had finished telling this story, Jesus explained how God, and the angels in heaven, rejoice over every lost sinner who repents and comes back to God.

Jesus’ story showed that He valued the souls of lost sinners. This was different from what the Pharisees valued. The sinners that ate with Jesus were as precious to Him as the lost silver coin was to the lady in His story. Jesus valued people, while the Pharisees valued popularity.

What do you value? Do you try to help those people who are made fun of, and called names? Or do you stay in the popular group, even when the unpopular kids need someone on their side? Based on what you know from Scripture, what do you think Jesus would do?


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