Live Streaming of the Debate

We are excited about the interest that so many have shown in my upcoming debate with Blair Scott from the American Atheists organization. The debate will be Thursday, September 29, at 7:00 p.m. (CDT) on the campus of the University of North Alabama (UNA) in the Norton Auditorium. Many are making plans to attend. There will be about 1,700 seats available, so we encourage all who can to come see it live (you may want to check out the Facebook event page: We have also received a plethora of calls, e-mails, Facebook messages, etc. from those who cannot attend but would like to view the debate.

We have arranged for the debate to be recorded so that it will be available on DVD. World Video Bible School ( will be doing the recording, and we will have a DVD available after the debate, just as we did with the Dan Barker debate ( In addition, the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) has agreed to stream the debate live on September 29. There will be several ways to access the live debate. One option would be simply to go to and click the “Watch Live” button that will appear there the night of the debate. In addition, you could download the GBN app for your handheld device and watch it via smartphone, iPad, iPod, etc. To download that app, go to for instructions. Also, the debate will be playing live on GBN and thus will be available anywhere GBN is accessible on television. That means that it will be on various cable and satellite channels, as well as GBN’s Roku channel. To learn more about Roku and other television options, you can see the GBN site as well. Additionally, the following site will also be streaming the debate: Also, we will have a link to the stream on our home page at

I would like to thank all of you who have been praying for the success of the debate and ask that you continue to do so. Our God is awesome, and it is a privilege to defend His existence and have the support of His Church.


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