Listen While You Drive

Americans are driving more than ever.1 Those 16 and older spend an average of almost 300 hours per year behind the wheel of a car.2 (That’s over 5½ hours per week.) Of course, we regularly hope and pray for safe travels, without distractions from texts, e-mails, and social media. At the same time, we all know that most drivers can safely operate an automobile and listen to all sorts of things. We regularly listen to music, news, talk shows, and even movies that our children might play in the backseat. But have you considered listening to things that really matter—things that nurture your immortal, God-given soul?

If you spent only one-third of your time in a car in 2018 listening to the Bible, as well as biblically based Bible lessons, you could listen to the entire Bible (in about 70 hours), plus have taken in 45 Bible lectures.3 Imagine if you continued this practice year after year. Consider how much deeper your spiritual roots would grow throughout each year, while simultaneously being motivated to edify the saved and evangelize the lost (cf. Isaiah 37:31).

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3 Approximately 40 minutes each.


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