Let Go of My Escargot!

From Issue: Discovery 6/1/2015

Hello kids! I’m so excited that I not only get to answer a “Digger Doug Question” this month, but Apologetics Press has also asked me to tell you a little something about my diet. First of all, you can probably tell that I, uh, eat a lot. When I say “a lot,” I mean, I eat 70-100% of my body weight every day. So, if you look at a picture of me, just think about a plate of food that is the same size as me, and that is about how much I eat. And that is just about what I need every day. That’s just how God designed me!

As I dig through my mole hole and various other tunnels on a given day (my apologies if I occasionally dig too close to the surface and mess up your grass), I frequently come across some pretty slimy critters—things that are extremely tasty, at least to me. Earthworms are probably my favorite. But do you know what else I like? You probably guessed correctly. I actually like snails and slugs. Whether morning, noon, or night, if I see a scrumptious snail anywhere near me, I’ll try to slurp it up in a heartbeat (and my heart beats pretty fast!).

A 100-gram mole can eat close to 100-grams of snails if he wants to. And snails are healthy! They are full of protein, which builds muscle. For every 100 grams of snails we ingest, we are giving our bodies 16 grams of protein, which is really good.

Now, before you think moles are weird for eating snails and slugs, I’d like to direct your attention to the fact that millions of humans around the world (especially in Europe) also eat snails. They usually don’t call cooked snails “snails,” however. They have a fancy-sounding term for them: “escargot” (es-car-go). 

So you see, I’m not that strange after all. If you have never tried snails, I highly recommend them. Be careful; they may not be fast, but they sure can slip away.


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