Keep Your Conscience Pure

If you disobey your parents, how do you feel? You would have what is called a “guilty conscience.” You know your parents will feel badly about your disobedience. Perhaps they will feel the need to discipline you in some way. But if they never discovered your disobedience, would you feel sad anyway? Most people would feel very guilty and sad.

But sometimes people do things that they do not know are wrong. A Bible example of this is the apostle Paul. Before he became a Christian, Paul was an active Jewish leader. He thought that as a good Jew he should try to rid the world of Christians. He helped put Christians in jail and agreed for them to be put to death. Sadly, he thought that he was doing God’s will (Acts 23:1; 26:9-11).

It is so very important to have a good conscience. But unless that conscience knows God’s Word, it will not be a good guide in helping us be pure and good.

Always keep an honest heart. There were some people called Bereans who are good examples for us. When they heard Paul and his friend Silas preaching, they studied the Scriptures to see if what they heard was true (Acts 17:10-12). After learning what the Lord wants us to do, let us be brave and obey Him.


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