Jesus Died on the Cross; We Know That. But, Do We Know What the Thief’s Name Was That Jesus Talked to When Both Were on A Cross?

From Issue: Discovery 9/1/2004

Dear Lynda,

The Bible does not tell us the thieves’ names. It just says that there were two of them, and that they were on both sides of Jesus (Luke 23:33-43).

The supposed names of these thieves appear in a book other than the Bible. This book, called the “Gospel of Nicodemus,” says their names were Dimas (on Jesus’ right) and Gestas (on Jesus’ left). It also says that Jesus talked to Dimas. However, the “Gospel of Nicodemus” is not inspired like the books of the Bible. So, we cannot be sure if these were their real names or if they were just made up.

Their names really aren’t important, or the Bible would have recorded them. But it is important that Jesus forgave the thief when he changed. That shows how wonderful God’s love is.


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