Volume 35 #2 – February

Volume 35 #2 – February

The Bible tells us that the Earth is only a few thousand years old, and there are definitely scientific evidences that support the Bible’s teaching on the subject.

 We have to keep in mind that many things will appear to be old because God had to create the Earth in such a way that it would be fit for humans to live on it when they were created on the sixth day of Creation week. The Earth, therefore looked “mature” from the moment it was created. That said, there are still many scientific evidences which support what the Bible teaches about the age of the Earth. Here are eight examples (among many that could be given) that, even when using the old Earth assumption of uniformitarianism (the idea that whatever is happening today in geology—like how fast a canyon is eroding—must have always happened that way throughout history), support a young Earth and Universe:

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