Discovery – May 2022

Discovery – May 2022

The word “fiction” means “something made up in a person’s mind.” If you woke up one morning and told your parents that you just spent the night in Neverland with Peter Pan running from Captain Hook, then you would be telling a fictional story. (You may have dreamed that you were in a place called Neverland, but Neverland is not a real place and Peter Pan and Captain Hook are not real, historical people.)

Fictional stories can be fun to make up and enjoyable to read and listen to. Millions of people have been entertained by made-up people and events in imagined places such Narnia, Hogwarts, and the Emerald City of Oz (among thousands of other imaginary places).

Many people question the Bible and wonder if it is merely a work of fiction—full of made-up people, places, and things. They wonder if the Bible is believable or unbelievable. Is it more of a fairytale, or is it real history? 

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