Discovery – June 2022

Discovery – June 2022

 If you have been to Washington, D.C., you probably know about the many monuments, museums, and memorials there. The Washington Monument is a tall, pointy obelisk designed to help us remember George Washington. Memorials such as the World War 2 and the Vietnam Memorials were built to remind us of the sacrifice of United States soldiers during those wars. These buildings and shrines are tributes to people and events that had a major impact on history, and especially on the United States.

In 2017, a new museum opened in Washington, D.C. It was built to show what an awesome, worldwide impact the Bible has made. The museum does a great job of helping visitors understand that the Bible has a global impact on every important part of life. The Bible has been influential on the laws, lives, and people of hundreds of nations throughout history. In a brief issue of Discovery, there is no way to show all the ways God’s Word has made a difference in the world. We can, however, recognize some areas of life and history that bear an unmistakable imprint of Bible teaching.

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