Is Pluto still a planet? If not, why not?

From Issue: Discovery 8/1/2011

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for reading Discovery. This month’s issue has been about space. We have learned how the heavens show God’s glory. You may have heard that those who study space have explained that Pluto is no longer a planet. That would mean we know of only eight planets in our solar system and not nine. How can that be? Did Pluto disappear? Did it explode? No, Pluto is still there. The only thing that happened was that scientists changed the definition of the word “planet.” Since Pluto is so small, it no longer fits the new definition of “planet.” Pluto is now called a dwarf planet. It is still there, just like it has been for years. And it is still the same size it has been in the past. The only thing that has changed is the definition of the word “planet.” Thanks for reading. Keep sending us your excellent questions.


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