Is it okay that babies, who don’t know God yet, die and then go to hell because they don’t believe in God?

From Issue: Discovery 4/01/2012

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Through the years, some people have taught that when babies are born, they “inherit” the sins of their parents. Those same people also teach that, if a baby were to die, he or she would go to hell because of the parents’ sins. However, the Bible teaches something very different. God says that babies do not become sinners because of their parents. In Ezekiel 18:20, the Bible says: “The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son.” Babies cannot sin, because they do not even know what sin is, and they are not able to understand God’s will. They aren’t capable of “belief” (Mark 16:16). The Bible never says that babies go to hell. In fact, the Bible teaches that babies are in a safe state, which means that they would go to heaven if they were to die. In 2 Samuel 12:23, King David said that his dead infant son would never return to this Earth, but David also said that one day he would go to be with his son. King David was looking forward to the day when he would be able to meet his son in heaven. Also, Jesus said in Matthew 18:3-5 that all people who want to go to heaven must become like little children. And in Luke 18:16-17, Jesus said that the kingdom of God is made up of little children. Regardless of what some people teach, the Bible, which is God’s Word, teaches that babies will be in heaven.


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