Is Evolution Scientific?

Evolution is the idea that all living things (plants and animals) have come from some kind of early life-form, over a period of millions of years, by a natural method of working. Many people think that if you believe in evolution, you are very “scientific.” But if you believe the Bible account–that God created plants and animals–they say you are not being scientific.

The truth is, the way living creatures came into existence in the beginning is not a question that science can answer. For something to be true “science,” you must be able to see it, and do experiments to either prove it, or show it to be false. This just can’t be done with “creation” because no human was there to see it, and it cannot be tested.

A very famous scientist, Dr. Robert Jastrow, wrote a book called Until The Sun Dies. He talked about the theory of evolution, which he believes in. He does not believe the Bible account. In spite of his belief, he asks: “What concrete evidence supports that remarkable theory [evolution] of the origin of life? There is none.”* At least this scientist was honest enough to admit that his belief in evolution cannot be proved.

The question is: which idea, evolution or creation, is better supported by the facts? A careful study of this subject will show that “creation” is much better supported than “evolution” is.

*Robert Jastrow, Until the Sun Dies (NY: W.W. Norton, 1977), p. 60.


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