Intelligence: Proof of Creation

From Issue: Discovery 6/1/2017

It’s rather easy to identify certain things that have some measure of intelligence, while recognizing other things (such as rocks and water) that have no intelligence. Humans obviously have an extremely high level of intelligence. They have constructed spaceships that they can guide 240,000 miles to the Moon. They have built artificial hearts. Humans can write poetry, calculate where Mars will be 50 years from now, and build everything from pianos to video game consoles. Humans are intelligent beings.

Although there are great differences between mankind and the animal kingdom, animals do possess a measure of intelligence. Dogs can learn to sit, stay, roll over, and play dead. Dolphins can learn to jump through hoops on command. Birds can make helpful “tools” from twigs in order to accomplish some basic tasks. Evolutionary scientists are on record referring to various animals as “sophisticated,” “inventive,” and “intelligent.”

But wait a minute! According to atheistic evolution, billions of years ago “nothing” caused a tiny ball of matter to explode. Then, billions of years after this Big Bang, galaxies began to form from lifeless, mindless, unintelligent particles floating around in space in massive clouds of dust. Allegedly, Earth eventually evolved from such a dust cloud, and hundreds of millions of years later, intelligent animals and humans supposedly evolved.

What we always observe in nature, however, is that intelligence demands previous intelligence. The reason that humans today are intelligent is because our ancestors were intelligent. The reason that animals have some measure of intelligence is due to intelligent animals that came before them. Dust does not give birth to organized dust particles that have the ability to obtain and apply knowledge. Water does not think. The mindless mud that evolutionists teach gave way to intelligent life on Earth is nothing but a fairy tale unsupported by everything we know from science.

So how did the first intelligent creatures come to live in the Universe? Just as the first life demands a supernatural life Giver, so the first intelligent beings demand a supernatural Creator. The existence of intelligence disproves mindless evolution, while at the same time showing that there must be an intelligent Creator.


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