In the Midst of COVID Chaos, Don’t Forget the Children!

COVID may not directly “target” children, in comparison to its impact on other demographics, but it certainly has indirectly targeted them spiritually. Many children do not receive regular biblical instruction at home during the week, since their parents’ schedules tend to be too full to squeeze it in. Church Bible classes are essentially the only biblical instruction many children receive each week, since many younger children get little out of the worship services. Due to COVID concerns, many congregations have not held children’s Bible classes for several months now, and few felt comfortable hosting a Vacation Bible School. What will be the future impact on those children, the future of the Lord’s Church, having had little spiritual nourishment for hundreds of days? No doubt, Satan is glorying in the situation.

The world may come to a screeching halt when pandemics hit, but do not be deceived: Satan never takes a break in his efforts to recruit individuals for his army and, no doubt, his “boot camp” begins when a person is but a child. During these trying times, please do not forget to teach the children in your sphere of influence the things they need to hear to be prepared to teach and defend the truth, as well as live a life of service to God. As you purchase your gifts this season, don’t forget to meet the spiritual needs of your children.

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