"I'm Not Crying: It's the Wind!"

From Issue: Discovery 3/1/2017

In order to be an atheist, you must be able to explain how everything could come about without help from God. As we show often in Discovery, that’s simply not possible. There are too many things in the Universe that show planning and forethought, intention and purpose. In other words, there are too many things that have been designed by Someone.

As a simple example, consider an important feature of your eyes that you might not think about much. Have you ever noticed that tears will often come into your eyes when a gust of cold wind hits them? Believe it or not, that’s very important. If your eyes get too cold, they can get too dry and even freeze. Dryness will make your vision blurry, and your eyes will begin to burn and get tired quickly. If your eyes stay dry or cold too long, there can be permanent damage, including blindness. So to help keep that from happening, there are special engineering sensors in your eyes called “thermoreceptors” that take the temperature of your eyes. They are constantly sending that information to your brain along special “power lines” called peripheral (purr-IF-er-ul) nerves. The brain—the control system for your body—processes that temperature information, and when the eyes are too cold, the brain sends the message back to your eyes (to the tear ducts) telling them to release tears into your eyes. Since the water in your body is so warm, when tears pour onto your eyes, your eyes quickly warm up. Amazing design! But that’s not all. The tears themselves are “salty.” It’s much harder to freeze salty water than it is to freeze unsalty water. So the tears not only warm your eyes, but they make it so that cold temperatures and wind won’t freeze them as easily.

Now, think about this. If evolution were true, then eyes had to accidentally evolve over time. But what would happen to the first pair of eyes if they did not already have tear ducts, thermoreceptors, and peripheral nerves installed? They would have stopped working and would have been pointless to their host. Since they would not have been a benefit to their host, evolution would tend to eliminate eyes from existence, “selecting” against them. The fact that we have working eyes proves that they, along with everything they need to work properly, were designed by an amazing Engineer—God.


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