If People Supposedly Came from Apes and Monkeys, Why Do We Still Have Apes and Monkeys?

From Issue: Discovery 12/1/2003

Dear Rachel,

That is a great question, and one that I get asked quite often. It makes sense that if humans did evolve from apes and monkeys, then apes and monkeys should not be around any longer. But evolutionists—realizing that both men and monkeys are still alive today—have come along and muddied the waters by saying that people did not evolve specificallyfrom apes and monkeys. Instead, they contend that both men and apes descended from a common ancestor. So, according to evolutionists, there was an animal that lived millions of years ago that gave rise to both monkeys and ape-like men (who later supposedly evolved into humans). Of course, evolutionists have never found this alleged “common ancestor,” and there is no scientific fact that would prove their story. But that’s why you will often hear evolutionists say that they don’t believe men evolved directly from monkeys and apes. They say men evolved from “ape-like creatures.” That is how they attempt to get around the question of why there are still monkeys alive today. Silly, I know. But so is the idea that men came from “ape-like” creatures! Thanks for your question.


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