Hurrah for Texas

Culturally critical times, these. The moral and spiritual future of America is on the line. The massive reorientation of American civilization over the last 50 years has clarified the crystallization of two diametrically opposed ideologies. The chasm between these two ideologies is deep and wide. Simply put, the ideological antithesis is between those who embrace the Christian worldview and those who do not.

The social revolution ignited by the post-World War II baby boomer generation in the 1960s has slowly but surely encroached on traditional American values (i.e., those drawn from the Bible). The formidable philosophical shifting has come about one skirmish at a time—a school board decision here, a judge’s decision there; a television program that pushed the envelope of decency and sexual propriety here, a politician promoting relaxed moral stands there. This gradual, steady chipping away at America’s two-century-old foundation has achieved the accumulation of a remarkable number of most unfortunate strides—not the least of which has been the blatant and visible defense of homosexuality in the public arena.

The sleeping giant of the “moral majority” is gradually asserting itself. The shocking, startling series of events that culminated in the legalization of homosexual marriage by the state of Massachusetts (see Miller, 2004) appears to have prodded citizens into action. The definition of marriage is being hotly debated state-by-state with a view toward enacting amendments to state constitutions. Texas is the latest to step forward on the issue. On Tuesday, November 8, Texans voted overwhelmingly to deny same-sex marriage and reaffirm the biblical definition of marriage (Garrett, 2005). Texas became the 19th state to amend their constitution in an effort to prevent activist judges from rewriting law in order to advance the homosexual agenda.

Americans must wake up to the fact that homosexuality is a watershed issue that will alter the course of the nation. The very fabric of society is at stake. If the slide to the left is not checked, the moral climate will degenerate, and eventually God’s justice will manifest itself in the form of calamity and punishment.


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