How was the Grand Canyon Formed?

Dear Kelsey,

Being a mole, I have dug a few holes in my day, and some of them were pretty big. But, they were no­ where near the size of that huge ”hole” found out in Arizona-the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles at its widest point, and 6,000 feet deep at its deepest point. If you have ever seen it in person, or seen pictures on TV or in books, then you know that it is absolutely beautiful. It has massive cliffs, huge rock formations, and a beautiful river running through the middle of it.

Evolutionists say that the river (called the Colorado River) at the bottom of the Grand Canyon-over millions of years-slowly cut and carved that huge canyon. They say that it took a massive amount of water to form the canyon, and they do not know from where else the water could have come, except that little river.

It is a wonderful thing that we have the Bible to help us out. The Bible tells about how there once was an enormous amount of water that poured down and covered the entire Earth. The Flood of Noah’s day covered the Earth with water. It not only filled the valleys and plains, but also covered every mountain-even the tallest ones. When the Flood was over, God made the waters recede, and a lot of water was being moved around. This is the amount of water that the scientists say would have been able to carve such a huge hole. So, the Grand Canyon was not made by the little river of water that is there now. Most likely, the Flood waters God sent upon the Earth “carved” what we know as the Grand Canyon.


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