How do penguins stay warm?

From Issue: Discovery 6/1/2009

Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for sending an excellent question. We might think it’s hard for the penguin to stay at a healthy temperature even in the bitter cold, but God has given the penguin advantages that help it survive Antarctic temperatures. A layer of overlapping feathers keep the penguin somewhat waterproof, and a thick layer of fat keeps the penguin warm while he swims. In fact, the blubber layer is the best form of natural insulation. The penguin tucks its flippers close to its body and shivers to generate and keep heat. Just like running and playing warms up your body, keeping active helps the penguin stay warm. Perhaps even more amazing is a special system of blood-flow that keeps the flippers warm, even in temperatures that would quickly give our toes frostbite! God knew what He was doing when He designed the penguin.


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